Jules of Life Foundation

The Jules of Life Foundation (JOL) is a 501(c)3 organization founded in May 2009 providing critical information for cancer patients and their families in St. Lawrence County.  

When JOL launched in 2009, our sole purpose was to provide financial assistance to families battling pediatric cancer in St. Lawrence County through various fundraisers like Hero of the Year, the Basketball Challenge and the Talent Challenge.

Through the years we realized that the families didn't just need financial resources, but informational assistance. They needed guidance through their battle with cancer. In September 2014, we changed our mission and became the main resource of information for families battling pediatric cancer in St. Lawrence County. We built a website that contained imperative information regarding travel, local and out of state resources, financial assistance, contacts, and other available services that could help families in their search for care.

In April 2016, the JOL Foundation received a grant from the St. Lawrence Cancer Fund to expand our website to include care for ALL cancers in St. Lawrence County, not just pediatric. It was an honor for JOL to assist all cancer patients in St. Lawrence County with their struggle for care. In this website you will find all relevant information regarding cancer care from fianancial to spiritual to local services for all individuals facing cancer to volunteering opportunities and more.

JOL will continue to build on this site until every question by patients and their families are answered. It is a privilege for us to partner with all local heroes in the fight of their lives. It takes a village, and a village we are.

To learn more about the Jules of Life Foundation please visit julesoflife.org/