Sowing Seeds & Sustainability

By Carmen Gendebien

At Twin Mill Farms we practice Sustainability.  The only things that leave the farm are our MILK and our A Wholesome Glow products! We capture all of our animal waste, all of the uneaten food, and all of the waste water to reuse and fertilize our crops in the spring.

We have greatly reduced the number of times we turn the soil over each year and we are proud to use modern planting techniques.  Each time a farmer plows or cultivates, carbon is released into the air.  We try to limit this as much as possible by using SIGNIFICANTLY LESS herbicide. The new plant varieties allow us to reduce cultivation reduce herbicide and almost NEVER go into the field and apply pesticides. This helps keep our soils full and rich with nutrients. This reduces our carbon footprint, makes for a healthier farm and a healthier planet.

We are passionate about wellbeing, family, and our community.  We want to embrace your neighborhood like we do our own and inspire you with the nature of farming. This is how we care about our own family, the environment, food supply, energy consumption and most importantly our planet.

We are serious about conserving energy and going green.  After energy audits we make investments in low cost power savings like high efficiency lighting, and using cold water to pre-cool our milk on its way to the milk tank. We are improving our sustainability on the farm all the time. We believe in sowing seeds of sustainability now, to create happy and healthy growth always and produce the best products we can!

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